The BAG NFT collection will be an essential aspect of #tehBag's ecosystem!


Showoff your BAG and enjoy high quality AI data!

Backed by a strong community, our cutting edge AI and big data technologies will empower #tehBag ecosystem, increase our adoption and will constantly reward the NFT holders in a trustless, automated and decentralized way!

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Benefits of owning tehBAG NFT

limited edition nfts

A limited collection of 2777 NFTs

tehBAG NFTs come with unique and distinct features. No two NFTs are the same.

mint your nfts in the tehbag platform!

How to Mint theBAG NFTs?

Follow these 3 simple steps:

1 - Connect wallet
2 - Select your quantity
3 - Confirm transaction
4 - Receive your NFTs

tehbag NFT FAQ

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